Annual Result for Home Examination 2022 (Class 9 & 7)

Note* : All the students are asked to contact your respective class teacher (Details given below) to get password to access your result sheet.

9A Lop. Namgyel Dorji. Ph. No. 17562604

9B Mr. Aita Raj. Ph. no. 17826334

9C Mrs. Wangmo Choden Ph. No. 17556872

9D Mr. Karma T Ph. No. 77317479

9E Mrs. Chimmi D Ph. No. 17527230

9F Mr. Indra Ph. No. 17628664

7A Mrs. Sonam Y Ph. No. 17964060

7B Mrs. Geta Ph. No. 17373600

7C Mrs. Dorji E Ph. No. 17774009

7D Ms. Eden Z. Ph. No. 17414904

Academic Head, VP Ajit Sherpa. Ph. No. 17614940